By following their recent signing with Italian imprint Argonauta Records, Post Doomsters
UNVERKALT reveal the first single and video taken from their highly anticipated new album "A
Lump of Death: A Chaos of Dead Lovers".
The exciting song “Loathe & Love” is now available on all digital platforms and you can watch the
visualizer right here:

Says the band: “Ranging from love and healing to rot and decay, ‘Loathe & Love’ is transitioning
into a ‘different world’ where vulnerability and violence are interplaying. Fragments of light can
emerge even when a manipulative and narcissistic nature exerting control over you. Beyond good
and evil and moral boundaries, even in the face of profound darkness, only his own reflection can
bring him face to face with his distorted self-perception.”

Unverkalt is an artistic music project based between Athens, Greece and Berlin, Germany. Their
raw and versatile vocals combined with influences rooted in post-metal, doom and alternative
scenes create a unique bond that makes Unverkalt stand out without being related to any specific
music genre. Unverkalt‘s music is also inspired by European cinema, art movements, and human
experiences, embracing darkness and romanticism.

“This is the first single from our forthcoming album” the band continues “it’s the opening chapter
of the macabre stories that will unfold through this record.”
‘A Lump of Death: A Chaos of Dead Lovers’ will be released on the 20 th of October by Argonauta
records. Stay tuned for more details to be revealed soon.
For more info: